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Men's Love life and Cracked Dry heels

Okay, you say, what the heck does one have to do with the other. Well, as a female, I can tell you PLENTY. Just the other day, I was at the Mall waiting for s friend. As I am prone to do, I was looking at people's heels as they walked by. Most people, as it is still warm here, were wearing sandals or open-backed, so it was pretty easy to see the condition of their feet and heels. I particularly looked at the heels of men, as they are a little less prone to be watchful about their feet. What a scary revelation that was!

Want Feet That Look and Feel Young?

That was the "grabber" heading for a sock advertised in the Sunday Supplement that had really nothing to do with  feet at all. It was a compression sock for ankles and legs. What caught my eye was the fact that they actually must know something about what problem people want addressed if they use that to catch people's attention.

Easy Way to Heel Cracked Heels

There are a lot of reasons why the skin on your heels split and crack. Summer time use of flip flops or open backed shoes. Since feet have no oil glands, constant exposure to the drying affects of air can put your sweat glands at risk in providing enough moisture to keep skin from drying out and cracking. Even if you are not overweight, but especially if you are, the pressure you put on the heel pad, with the surrounding skin being dry leads to cracking, and even sometimes bleeding and pain.

Moisture! Moisture! Moisture! The Real Answer to Treating Cracked Heels

The foot, different then the rest of the body, has no oil glands. It has to rely on sweat glands to keep skin soft and moist and crack free This can lead to serious problems if the sweat glands can't keep up with the job. When they don't the skin can become so dry it cracks. Pain, risk of infection, and for diabetics, a serious health issue, so says Bob Maurer MD, a physician in Redding, CA.

Diabetes Foot Care Tips: Dos and Don'ts

Do check your feet every day. If you are not flexible enough to do this, put a mirror on the floor and check feet that way.
Do wash feet every day, but not with hot water. If you have neuropathy, you could burn skin without realizing it
Do ask your podiatrist if it is safe to cut your own toenails, if he or she says "yes", cut toenails straight across. Rounding off edges could lead to ingrown toenails and infection.
Do wear shoes when you are on your feet. If you want a little more freedom, wear SoleMates. They keep feet free from contact with the environment.

Aging skin and dry cracked heels

Death, taxes and aging skin. Yup they all fall into the same category.  We can look at the inevitable consequences of aging:
Skin becomes rougher
Skin becomes slack
Epidermis becomes thin
Skin becomes fragile
The sweat glands on the foot become less and less active.
Fun info huh? Well all is not lost if you begin early on to recognize these problems and become proactive in your skin care. You all know by now that my emphasis will be on the foot, but what I say can apply to skin all over your body.

Pedicures and dry, cracked heels

It is very true that if I had immense wealth, I would have clean sheets every day, fresh squeezed orange juice,and a foot masseuse on call 24/7. I could change my sheets myself (not), and squeeze my own juice (maybe), but the foot massage would definately not be the same if I had to do it myself. All of this is to explain how I can totally understand going and having a pedicure, I don't think it is quite as satisfying as a full out massage, but it is pretty nice. The problem with the pedicure is the fact that you may come out with way more than what you went in with.

Tired of Teasing Your Hair and Grinding on your Cracked heels?

When i was in high school, I would spend countless hours "teasing" my hiar. I also referred to it as "ratting", as it certainly looked like a rat's nest when I was done. Of course, if I let me hair be touched by a breeze or rest on a pillow, I was right back to square one, and the "ratting" started all over again.

How about a pretty and different way to heal dry cracked heels

If you read my blog with any constancy, you already know that I invented SoleMates because my own dry cracked heels were not only driving me crazy, they were actually becoming serious enough that they were beginning to hurt.So you pretty much know the rest of the history........research, many trials and errors.....then finally a nitrile coated sock that preserves moisture, the reason that most of us have dry heels to begin with. The unexpected bonus was the joy of finding out how many other folks profit from these socks, primarily diabetics and the elderly.

Anybody Out There Interested In Healing Dry Cracked Heels?

I have been blogging for over a year, but I never hear anything back from any of you that may be reading my blog. I would love it if you commented both in the positive or the negative about the information I am sharing with you. I would really like this to be more interactive so I can know the topics that interest you and the ones that don't. If you put in your comments, I will be sure to acknowledge them. Otherwise this is a lot like talking to yourself and answering back.

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