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Summer doldrums and dry, cracked feet

It is HHHHHOOOOOTTTTT where I live. You already know I love to work in my garden, but when its cool, it's too dark to see, and when it's light it's too hot to be outside. I feel like a freakin' prisoner. the only thing that makes it bearable is the fact that even though I may not be able to go outside and grub around in the dirt like I would like to, I can still be working on keeping my feet from becoming dry and cracked.

Foot Sores

1.)  Foot sores that don't heal, are for many, one of the early warning signs of diabetes. Diabetes can impair sensation in the foot, circulation and normal wound healing. Even a  blister can become a bad wound. Open sores are also prone to infection, and diabetics, because of their disease, often have a compromised immune system

Protecting your Feet from Viral Invasion

As nasty as it is to have dry, cracked soles and heels, imagine how terrible it would be to have dry, cracked heels and warts! Read a little short tweet today about plantar warts. I have never had plantar warts, but I have had the other common garden variety and they are nasty! I worked on getting rid of them for 2, count 'em, 2 years.

Happy Feet are Moist Feet

There must be a gazillion folks out there, young and old, male and female, who for a myriad of reasons, no longer have their bodies providing an ample supply of moisture.  It was only after I really began doing research about the causes and treatment of dry cracked feet and heels that a came across a very interesting piece of information. Your body has a network of sweat and oil glands that keep your skin moist and soft.

OK, Only One More Brag and Story About Tenacity and Cracked Heels

I know I told you how grossed out I am about brag letters, so it's not like I don't know you're already groaning, so I will make it really brief.If you read the last blog (and you did didn't you?) you knew about all my little plants going out into the "big" garden. I went away for the week-end, and one of the very first things I did was go out to the garden to see if anything I had planted by seed was up. Lo and behold, almost all of my beans were poking their fragile little heads above ground. I was totally thrilled until the storm rolled in.

Christmas Letter Bragging in May (Of Course It Has To Do With Cracked Heels)

Thank goodness, the folks who used to write me three page Christmas letters have finally given up. Never getting a reply must have put them off. Inevitably, the letter was all about what fabulous vacations they had taken.....how their kids had all received full ride scholarships to MIT, Harvard and Stanford. Of course there is the mention that they had been prudent enough to buy gold when it was $100 an ounce...and they were going to give all their profits to an orphanage named for them in Bolivia.

Fantastic Discount on Premium Sole Healing Socks

I have come to believe that I write this blog and absolutely no one reads it. I'm hoping that my eye-catching title will draw some of you in and you will actually read the blog, and even find some interesting and informative news about skin-care in general, and healing your cracked heels specifically.

What Happens (to your feet) When You Are Unfaithful

It has felt like I have been caught in a strong wind for the last few weeks, and really all I can do is just let it blow me along. Getting ready to leave for 10 days and working right up to the night before we leave was probably not the smartest thing to do. Coming home and going right back to work fits right up along side it. Now, add on getting really sick 2 days after getting home and you should really get the picture.

Healing Cracked Heels

Just in from Mexico. Scary to see in person the incredible distance betwen the "haves" and the "have nots". Very heartening to see how even the very poor still are working hard to better their position in life. Saw cardboard houses, but there was a wash line with clean clothes flapping in the wind.

Old dry skin and cracked heels or advice to the elderly about avoiding dry cracked heels;

I love to tell the story about this amazing lady who belonged to my cancer support group. She was endlessly cheery and upbeat while going through the rigors of chemotherapy. When asked how she did it, she replied with a smile "I just think about my butt". After we all laughed our butts off, I asked exactly what she was referring too. She replied very seriously that if she thought about all the things going on in her body that she couldn't control, she decided to think about, and do something about something that she could.

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