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What to buy for Healthy, Good-Looking Feet.

If you have a job that requires you to stand for prolonged periods of time, you will probably end the day with tired sore feet. Insoles can help with this problem and making the standing a little more tolerable.  When you go to purchase insoles, you want to be sure that that they have strong enough support. Look for ones with a plastic shell.

The Premiere Way to Heal Cracked Heels

Every ad tells you that their product is the best way to heal your dry cracked heels.  But how many of them back it up with clinical evidence?  If you look very closely, most of them appeal to your emotional side......the desire to have good looking feet that also feel good.

A Cracked Heel Solution That Works

Often times the foot care ads you find are written to appeal to the folks who are only concerned with the appearance of their feet. If you are one of those people who suffer from heel fissures (cracked skin) you know better than most, that left unattended, those heel cracks deepen and can become really painful. If you happen to be diabetic or have any issues with your immune system, you also know how serious it can be if those cracks become infected.

What to do to have healthy, good looking feet--man or woman

You already know I can be prone to rants, so when I see an article qbout having healthy good looking feet and the main title is "Women's Foot Care", I have to admit I do a slow burn. Rough, cracked heels don't feel or look good , and it doesn't matter whether you are male or female.  It is just  as embarrasing to both when you want to play "footsies" and you end up drawing blood.

Taking care of cracked heels for seniors, boomers and the elderly

Nasty fact of life....as we age, the body's ability to create natural moisture begins to diminish.  If that wasn't bad enough, at about the same time, our flexibilty is less right along with our finances. Talk about the triple whammy!

The Power, Premium Way to Heal Cracked Heels

I read an article that said by using power and premium in an opening statement you would capture readers attention more quickly. So let me tell you about power and premium when it comes to SoleMates nitrile coated socks.

Heal those heels inside out and outside in!

It is pretty obvious from all the ads that marketers want you to believe the only way to treat dry cracked heels is to wait until the symptoms, dryness, cracking and even bleeding, are so severe that you are desperate to rid yourself of this cosmetic and medical problem. That's when they introduce the "luxe" symptom removers, scrapers and moisturizers. I am the first to admit that they do remove the "symptom", and for most folks that is such a relief that they just go on and on and on......you get the picture, removing the symptom.

Saving soles...One cracked heel at a time

I have really  never been the one to believe in miracle cures. It has been my experience that it is usually the marketing department that assigns that name to products. Just yesterday I read an ad in the paper about a "miracle" herb that cured everything from acne to flat feet.

Healing dry cracked heels and soles----fact and fiction

Let' start with the fiction first.  I will be quoting from a web page that comes up on the first page when you google "foot and ankle dry skin". It is published on a website "ourhealthnetwork.com" On the face of it it certainly looks professional, but if you read on, this is what the content has to say:

Diabetic foot care for the elderly

It is rare if not down right non-existent to find the mention of diabetic footcare for the elderly when looking at products directed to the general population to deal with dry cracked heels.  The amazing fact is that of all the people who have to deal with this problem, none is more vulnerable than the diabetic.

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