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Professional info about treating dry cracked heels.

Since I began the journey of treating my own dry cracked heels, I have done an extensive amount of research into what other professionals say and recommend. It has been both informative as well as shocking.

Did Santa Give You Soft Feet For Christmas?

I have it from a really reputable source that Mrs. Claus made Santa move in with Rudolph until he did something about his rough cracked heels. Since Rudolph's hooves were in no better shape then Santa's heels, those two were looking at a long cold winter together. Happily enough, Rudolph is internet savvy and went on line to find an answer. He was both dazzled and bewildered by the literally 100's of thousands of websites devoted to treating dry, cracked soles and heels.

Guys....Love your Feet..Women Will Love You For It!

Look under foot care for men, and in all liklihood you will find a plethora of products for fungus, odor prevention, and what to do if your heels are so dry and cracked that you find it painful to walk. Hey, I am all for fungus-free, odor-free pain-free feet, but what the heck is wrong in just wanting your feet to be soft and healthy, and you just happen to be a male? Nothing!!!

Wnterizing Your Feet.

All I want for Christmas is my two soft feet, my two soft feet, my two soft feet. All I want for Christmas is my two soft feet, so I can wish myself a Merry Christmas. OK, OK, I know that is a really cheesy take off on the Christmas carol, but it is true that having soft, healthy crack free feet is an excellent way to insure you can fly around and get all your last minute shopping, wrapping and baking done.  There is something quite debilitating to be hobbling around during the holidays, when you really want to be running around and having fun.

Treat Winter cracked heels the Same as Summer cracked heels

i think most folks really pay way more attention to their cracked heels in summer then in winter. In summer, the chances of people seeing those yucky cracks has a much higher probability then in winter. And it can feel like all that exposure to drying conditions are heightened in the Summer.  Both of those facts are true.  We do tend to wear sandals and open backed shoes in the Summer, meaning our feet are more exposed to air and dirt.  Because we do wear more revealing shoes in Summer, it is also true more people can see our cracked heels.

What Bees Know About Treating Dry Cracked Heels.

Royal bee jelly is secreted in the digestive tubes of worker bees. (Yuck) They eat the jelly for a few days, but the queen bee eats it her whole life.  Hey, the marketing folks figured that what was good for the queen would appeal to the drones(us).

Treating dry cracked feet and Skin..Some of the Myths

"Micellization and nanophenes". They already have you by using terms that must mean something...but you have no idea what. Believe me, the marketing folks will tell you exactly what they want you to believe they mean! The elusive "fountain of youth" is being introduced as "liposomes". According to these folks, cellular aging involves the rigidification of skin cell membranes. Liposomes which are tiny bags of fat (ugh) and thymus gland extract (ugh) suspended in a gel "are supposed to merge with your aging skin cells, revive them and add moisture."

Wine and Soft Crack Free feet

HeeHee, got your attention huh?  But I do have a tidbit about Sauvignon Blanc seeds.  It seems that the Ag Department of an Australian University has found that the seeds form Saivignon grapes contain what looks like a very promising ingredient for anti-aging skin care and also sun protection. I always knew I would be justified in my love of Sauvignon Blanc, and imagine, you can not only drink it, but soften your feet at the same time......or drink it and forget about your feet (only kidding).

Early X-mas Gift..Soft, Healthy Feet

I know this will sound like a wawa....and I guess it is...sorta. Had 20 people for Thanksgiving. Not a big deal unless you consider they came from far away and stayed for 4 days.  That turns out to be a lot of cooking, cleaning, laundry. I didn't have much of a chance to breathe let alone take care of myself.  I guess that's why I continue to be so enthralled with SoleMates.

Men Deserve Soft Healthy Feet Too!.

I have to admit, I love getting fan mail, or maybe it's foot mail....whatever. Just received an e-mail from a lovely lady telling me she was ordering her second pair. Her husband is the lucky recipent.  Found us on the internet, and as is the case so often, was desperate to find a product that actually works. She ordered a pair for her husband whose "feet are so bad, it used to actually be painful to walk".

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