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Son-in-law's feet

 It is hard to interest the regular person in a product they really have no use for. My son-in-law Steve has never had dry cracked feet or heels a day in his life, lucky man.  He really could not see why this could be such a problem for so many people. He eventually took up the job of COO of our tiny company as he was the only one who wasn't a total doofus where computer literacy was concerned.

The truth about alpha hydroxy and foot care

Does Alpha Hydroxy (the stuff in acne medication) work to make your feet soft? You may have seen articles like this one:

Finally, Good news about Cosmetic Ingredients

I love reading reports that make it abundantly clear there is no axe to grind! A study published in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, showed, by virtue of some real clinical tests, that a " topical application of all 0.1% hyaluronic acid formulations led to significant improvement in skin hydration" It is a well known active ingredient for cosmetic applications due to its strong water binding applications."

Scary Skin INfo

In my youth, about a million years ago, I was pretty naive about advertising, being willing to believe any new hype that came along.  After I began doing research trying to find a way to heal my cracked dry feet, I found out first hand that what the manufacturer says about their product "ain't necessarily so". As time passed I began to see that there was something even more insidious going on, and it has to do with what they don't tell you.

Healthy feet the easy way

It is really scary to me how many well versed folks in the skincare/footcare industry are still publishing articles about healing dry cracked heels and relying on methods that are really old-fashioned.

What's new for cracked heels

You know that I always work to keep you abreast of new info concerning all the skin on your body, but most particularly your feet. You and I both want the same thing..soft, healthy feet that look and feel good. You know I have a real thing about false advertsising...and it sure goes on all the time when it comes to skin care.

Healthy, soft, crack free heels--how to achieve

You, want soft, healthy feet that look and feel good, but you are more aware now then you ever have been of the the precarious state of the economy, most particularly where it affects you personally. Well join the club of millions.  We all want to feel like we are doing the best job we can when it comes to taking good care of our health, both emotionally and physically.

Home at last! News about ancient cracked heels and fish

Vacations are good, but only if they are vacations away from what you normally do. Went on vacation with my friend's father who is 91.  Yup the same 91 year old whose birthday I went to a couple of weeks ago. Staying in the same condo gave me a lot of time to look at his feet, and believe me, it was an early Halloween looking at those two.The social worker/inventor in me never goes on vacation, so I immediately want to find solutions.

No more Excitement about dry cracked heels

I know it will be hard on you, but I won't be posting any weird, exciting or informative news about dry cracked heels and their treatment for 9 days. I am going on vacation and unless I can find an internet connection, youll just have to wait until I get home. I know you will be waitng with baited breath until then (or is it bated?) anyway. Hasta la vista for a while,

Exciting news about curing dry cracked heels

That's known in aew claim to cure dry cracked heels seems like advertising as the "grabber".  Then you get into the content like now and find out there really isn't any news but I can still share what is exciting. The no news part is the fact that every exciting new product is really just a reinvention of an old product with new hype. I believe that most folks still do not understand why they end up with dry feet, so they end up believing thatevery new product is the real deal. So lets go after it again with real, if not new information.

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