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Bringing a new product to market

Here I am again.  Brief note to everyone who has ever considered bringing a new product to market.  It has felt like riding on the back of a turtle for 5 years---but in the last 5 weeks, its been like riding a wild horse!  People who don't know me from Adam are now in charge of huge pieces of my life.  The companies in charge of labels and inserts were paid extra to move faster, and in the way of the universe,  both of them have slowed down to a crawl, and in one instance , come to a dead halt.  Here I am on pins and needles waiting for the first (hopefu

SoleMates web site and ordering almost ready!

Just a quick note to let you know that we're almost ready to go live. We'll be airing TV commercials in about a week! How exciting! The web site is lookin' great, we're happy to have everything ready to go, and, most of all, we're happy that you've come to the right place to finally work o those dry and scratchy heels!

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