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Treating Cracked Heels and Eliminate Thick Dry Skin

There are a myriad of reasons why we suffer from dry, cracked soles and heels. Some you can't change such as diabetes, or old age. Some you can, like being overweight, prolonged standing, wearing backless shoes or shoes that don't support the heel.Whatever the cause...the end result remains the same, excessively dry skin that leads to cracking. Unfortunately, as the skin becomes more and more dry, regular moisturizers cannot penetrate the layers of dead, dry skin.

Overweight? Dry, Cracked Heels? Want Treatment with Guaranteed Relief?

As if you didn't have troubles enough with positive body image when you carry extra weight, then your feet get all cracked and ugly looking besides. The heel of your foot is sort of like a tomato. The outside skin, the epidermis has sweat glands that keep the skin moist and able to expand. On the inside of the heel there is a body part callled the "fat pad", and this is what cushions your foot when you walk. It depends on the outer layer of skin to expand with the pressure of walking.

Men, an Easy Successful Way to Treat Dry, Cracked Heels.

 Let's be serious here. There are not many men who would be caught dead going to a nail salon, where most pedicures are done, to have their dry cracked heels scraped off. What they will resort to is buying one of those medieval scrapers, and removing the dead skin themselves.  Even that usually only occurs when their partner  winces every time there is even the mention of the possibility of "footsies". The other nasty result is that the heels only look OK for the next day or so, and then it's right back to scraping off dead skin.

Diabetic Foot Care is Very Important.

I have to admit, I invented SoleMates primarily to heal my own severly cracked heels. It was only after I really began looking at the research that I realized cracked dry feet can actually become a really serious medical issue.

New Important Info on Treating and Preventing Dry Cracked Heels

Just got off about  5, 1st page websites on treating dry cracked heels and soles.  Lots of good information, but unfortunately repeating the same old tired advice. Soak fee, use a pumice stone (thank goodness none of them recommended using a "shaving" device), slather on moisturizer or good old Vaseline, OK and now comes the same old tired advice.....wrap feet in Saran wrap (ugh) and pull on a pair of thick cotton socks, or forget the Saran wrap and put on socks.

Recommendations For Self Treatment of Dry cracked Heels

As fabulous as it is to have someone massage your feet for 30 minutes, it can be a really costly, and not particularly efective way to deal with dry cracked heels. And if you're a guy, the "feminine" atmosphere may not be your cup of tea.  Going to a podiatrist to deal with heel fissures can become a medical neccesity, but is also a costly way to treat this bothersome problem.

Hey, give a Valentine to Your Dry Cracked Feet!

I have been a pschotherapist, (or just a pscho, depending on who you ask), for over 40 years. Yes, I am ancient.....anyway. One of the most predominant problems I see in my practice is the sad fact that most people really have no idea what "self-love" means. Many interpret it to mean buying yourself everything you want. Others interpret it to mean being selfish, and ego centered.  So my Valentines gift to you today is to give you a real life example of what "self-love" can mean.

Doctor Recommended Treatment for Rough Cracked Soles and Heels

We had a doctor on board from the moment that SoleMates was nothing more than an idea. He told us lots of important medical facts that we absolutely had to incorporate into our product design.
Reasons why people develop dry cracked heels:
Medical issues, such as diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, neuropathy
Inactive sweat glands due to age or other medical factors such as chemotherapy
Prolonged standing
Poor choice of shoes (open backed, not enough arch support

Important Information On Diabetic Foot care

Because healing dry cracked soles and heels are what SoleMates is all about, any time I find an article dealing with this as an area of concern, I want to pass it right on to you. I am going to use some quotes from an article I read published on the web through WebMD.

Save Your Skin FACE TO FOOT

Your top layer of skin is your body's first line of defense. You should direct all your attention to making it healthy and keeping it ..not losing it. The FDA reported their deep concern with exfoliating the stratum corneum and the health risks with this potentially dangerous procedure.  Of course this must be tempered with the idea that not all esfoliating is dangerous, but since the majority of us are not dermatologists, it is really hard to know ahead of time how much is too much when we are exfoliating dry skin.

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