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How to get rid of dry cracked feet

Read an article with that as the title. I am always interested in what other people have to say about a topic near and dear to my feet. Some of their recommendations were silly, and some very good.  The one about soaking your feet for 20 minutes every day was one of the silly ones.  I don't have 20 minutes to soak my feet any day not even every day. Softening the skin on your feet is definately a good thing, but most people's lives are just too busy to do that. How about you let your feet stay moist all day by wearing a pair of SoleMates.

What Drs. say about dry cracked feet and SoleMates

When I began my journey to find a sock to heal my own feet, I took some very interesting turns. I bought gel pads and glued them into socks. Interesting, but no go. My feet still were dry and cracked. I dipped socks into latex. Now that was an adventure, as I found my feet glued inside my shoes, but they were softer then the gel pad mistake.

Feet in the winter garden

Depending on how you feel about gardening, it can be a sigh of relief that the season is over, or like me, you can begin gardening in my favorite seasons, Fall and Winter. Gardening when the air is cool and the sun is gentle is one of my most favorite things to do. I am tired of winter when Spring finally arrives, but in a very short time, where I live, it soon becomes very hot. As much as I love checking on my little plants, and eventually harvesting, it's still hard when it's 110 degrees. That is the beaty of gardening this time of year.

Happy 91st Birthday,Happy Uncracked heels.

Went down South this week end to a 91st birthday party.  After much hoopla, decided it would be a glorious way to continue the celebration by going for a walk on the beach. This is a pretty spry 91 year old, but not spry enough to adequately care for his feet.  This is where SoleMates comes in.  No getting rid of dry, dead skin, no need to rub lotions on, all that is necessary is to wear his SoleMates socks, and end up with feet that are happy to take you on a long walk on the beach.

Solemates Heel Repair

If you are looking for a way to gently, yet effectively exfoliate, get rid of, dry, scaly, even callused and cracked feet, then look to SoleMates. The patent pending, therapeutic chamber successfully conditions, soothes and heals dry cracked heels and soles. Feet become soft, moist, and ready for kicking up your heels or just relaxing at home.

The Dr. Says this About Dry Cracked Heels

At last, validation from a Dermatologist about the comments I have been making to you about treating dry, cracked heels. In an article by Debra Jaliman MD, She makes some excellent points about pedicures. She states,"No matter how beautiful, expensive or clean a salon appears, it's no guaranteee that its facilities and instruments are free of bacteria and fungus. If the pedicurist beckons you to a newly vacated chair where the basin has not been cleaned with bleach, do not sit there."

Same song different day about treating cracked heels

In May, a writer for what purports to be a medically based news letter had this to say about women wanting "healthy, good-looking feet". And I quote,"Regular use of a pumice stone or file on damp heels and calluses will keep feet looking good in open backed shoes."  I am very clear no one wants to wear combat boots in summer, but tons of medical experts agree that not supporting the fat pad of the heel is one of many reasons why feet dry and crack.  That is especialy true if you stand for long periods of time or are carrying excess weight.

We Treat Your Feet

I love that catchy little jingle that a local shoe store has on the radio. "We treat your feet." Well, if you were here with me right now, I would be singing that to you....because we also treat your feet. I suppose this may be a bit of wawa...but it is hard to have such a high performance product like SoleMates, and not be able to get the message out there faster..

A Drive Thru for dry cracked heels

Its a concept....pull up, stick your feet out the window.....the whirling grinder comes out...grinds off the dead dry skin...move forward...creamy lotion is slathered all over your feet...drive off. Watch out for your foot slipping off the brake pedal (or hot coffee spilled in your lap!).

Treating Dry cracked heels , the gift that keeps on giving

I don't like going into stores at the beginning of September, and seeing Christmas decorations. I have to admit though that I usually have all my Christmas shopping done by August.  No, I am not highly organized or OCD, but I have been a working woman all my adult life, so leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute never worked. So let me help you.

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