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Diabetes and Your Skin

Life is complicated enough, but when your diagnosed with diabetes, it become a lot more complicated. Most folks, myself included, feel that diabetes is really just about watching your blood sugar, and being careful about diet. As I looked into it further, I became aware that a whole lot more is going on with your body then just insulin production. When you have diabetes you are at much higher risk for a whole range of skin complications.
Protecting the skin is extremely important. This is especially hard to do or remember to do where the feet are concerned. If not watched carefully, a bacteria or fungus can invade a cut , scratch, or dry cracked heels. Ulcers and  erosions  are a common skin problem associated with diabetes and are the result of poor circulation. If you have neuropothy (nerve damage) you could have an infected cut scratch or crack and not know it. All very scary side effects of diabetes.
A key to preventing diabetic skin problems starts with learning about possible problems and taking steps to prevent them. The old adage "An ounce or prevention is worth a pound of cure", absolutely applies here. Check the soles of your feet every day and don't forget between the toes. If you are not limber enough to do this, then put a mirror on the floor and check your soles and toes that way.
When cleansing,use warm, not hot water, as hot water dries out skin and can lead to cracking. Make sure feet are always protected, and that means wearing well fitting shoes. If you like to alternate between wearing shoes and  the barefoot feel, then please consider wearing SoleMates.They can be worn either with or without shoes.
The sock body is designed to keep feet comfortably dry, while the nitrile sole creates a therapeutic chamber that traps natural moisture , keeping the skin soft and crack free. The nitrile sole is almost impervious to puncture, so if you decide to wear them without shoes, you never have to worry about stepping on something sharp and puncturing the sole of the foot.
SoleMates are designed to take at least one worry off your shoulders where diabetes and foot care are concerned