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Get Guaranted PERMANENT Relief from Dry Cracked Heels

Pretty big claim. Not one you see on any other cracked heels product. SoleMates puts it's money where it's mouth is. We guarantee that you will experience relief from the pain and suffering associated with dry, cracked heels, or your money back
Having suffered for years from the pain and embarassment of having cracked heels,  I was literally desperate for a product that did not necessitate scraping my heels every day, slathering on lotion, and to protect my floor and furnishings, putting on a pair of heavy socks. It finally dawned on me after being completely dissatisfied with the products on the market, that all I was experiencing was relief from the symptom. None of the products I tried, except for a pair of very uncomfortable gel socks, ever addressed the real problem, moisture loss. So I invented SoleMates. A pretty extreme answer, going into business at age 65, but I figured everyone must be as unhappy as I was with not being able to address moisture loss as the real problem.
SoleMates with the scientifically designed nitrile coated soles capture the sweat your feet normally produce, but it captures it only on the sole of the foot, allowing the rest of the foot to remain comfortably dry. With the natural moisture being saved, the foot, after a period of time, sloughs off the dead dry skin. Once the dead, dry skin is naturally removed, wearing the socks 3-4 times a week, keeps the moisture level to a point, that the foot and heel stay soft and supple.  An additional benefit is that even though SoleMates are completely "breathable", they stop the drying effects of the outside air, and contact with dirt. The last benefit being a real boon for folks like me who love digging in the dirt.
I've worn SoleMates for over 5 years, and without exageration, my feet are as soft as my 13 year old grand-daughters. As if all that wasn't enough....SoleMates are great for the elderly who have a difficult time taking care of their feet. It also is fabulous for diabetics who must watch the health and well-being of their feet because they are so prone to infection. Add obese folks to the list, and everyone that wants a simple and guaranteed effective product for the treatment and healing of dry cracked heels and you can see what a great product SoleMates are!