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Get Guaranted Relief for Dry Cracked Heels

If you suffer from dry cracked heels, then you are probobly aware of the vast number of "remedies" on the market. There are two real problems with the majority of these products. They only bring temporary relief from the pain and unsightliness of cracked dry feet, and, even more importantly, they do not address the cause of the dryness....moisture loss, so you are put into the position of endless use with no real results.
I did lots or product testing trying to cure my own dry heels, and was really dissatisfied at the poor results. Some of the gel socks I purchased seemed to work, but they were so uncomfortable that I couldn't keep them on my feet long enough or often enough to really see any benefit.
SoleMates is a sock with a specially formulated sock body that keeps the tops of your feet, and in between your toes comfortable and dry. The sole and heel of the sock is coated with nitrile, the same stuff that surgical gloves are made out of so you know it is tough and durable. The beauty of this nitrile coating is the way the sock is manufactured to create what we call a "therapeutic chamber". This chamber is what puts SoleMates head and shoulders above all of our competitors. It keeps the moisture that your foot naturally produces from drying out. What this means to you is the sole of your feet finally does what all the other products do not do.....conserves the moisture your body naturally creates...healing dry cracked soles once and for all. Does this last forever...unfortunately no...but you can keep feet soft and mosit by merely wearing your SoleMates 2-3 times a week, once all the dead skin has sloughed off.
For those folks with medical conditions like diabetes or psoriasis, SoleMates allows you to put on creams and lotions, since your body is not providing you with it's own moisture. When you do this, the interior of SoleMates keeps the lotion on your skin, and not on clothing or flooring. It holds it close to the skin the entire time you wear the sock.
As I mentioned previously, our nitrile coating is durable and tough which means you can wear SoleMates with or without shoes, day or night in complete safety and comfort. No other product on the market gives you a money back gurantee like SoleMates!