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Our Story

Hi, my name is Bernadette and I'm the inventor of Solemates Socks.


Dry, cracked feet and heels?

Embarassing, stained feet?

I researched endlessly and I tried everything on the market - specialty cremes, gel-impregnated socks, you name it. All of the products I tried either didn't work or were difficult to use.

I decided that enough is enough and I created my solution - a nitrile coating that's non-allergenic and as durable as work gloves.

I used these socks for 5 years before I was sure that they would do everything I promised, and they do!

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These are my actual feet - untouched, unmodified photographs (click for larger view):

left heel right heel


I'm in my 60's - my feet are soft and smooth and all I do is use my product. It's easy, it's effective, and you, too, can have soft, smooth feet and heels!



The sock really works

My husband Terry wears very expensive comfortable shoes 12-hours a day to work, but that means nothing if his feet are sore from cracked rough scaly dried out heels. Solemate socks make his feet consistently soft. Before bed he put a little lotion or creme on his feet and let Solemate over night. The next morning his feet are ready to work another 12-hour day with out harden rough heels. The Solemate socks are now apart of his nightly wardrobe. A must have for cracked heels and rough feet.

Cathy in Arizona