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Rejuvenation Starts With the Soles of Your Feet

If you have ever gone hiking or sight seeing or just walking around, you know how much your pleasure in the activity is lost if your feet jurt. Our mission for SoleMates is to be able to help people enjoy as much of life as possible, without being hampered by sore feet.
Being of the ranks of folks who has had sore feet, was one of the main reasons I invented SoleMates. Summer is a time of a lot of fun and activity for me, so when it actually hurt to walk, because the cracks on my heels , I decided I drastically needed to find a permanent solution. I tried scraping off the dry, dead skin, that at least made the appearance of my heels better, but it did nothing to heal the cracks that were causing me pain. I went the route of lotions and emmolients, but once again, the appearance improved, but I was still stuck with painful cracks, and the skin never stopping drying out and cracking. I am a totally frugal person, but I actually ordered a pair of $49.95 pair of gel impregnated socks, that had gotten good reviews. I put them on and the interior was not at all to my liking. The interior felt strange and kind of slippery/gooey and cold. I tried to keep them on as long as I could, but I became really aware that these were socks intended to be worn indoors, and without shoes. They couldn't heal my heels if I couldn't wear them!
Being the dogged and determined person I am, I then ordered a pair of gel heel half socks. I must admit they were more comfortable then the first pair, but part of my problem was the fact that I also had cracks on my toes as well as my heels, so these half- socks did not address my needs, plus when I tried to wear them with shoes, the gel got really dirty, and subsequently began to peel off.
Back to the drawing board. I finally came up with a sock of my own invention that met all my needs:
Comfortable to wear
Wear indoors or out
Wear with or without shoes
Covers entire sole and toes
And last, but not least, inexpensive, compared to many other products on the market
SoleMates came about as a result of my genuinely trying to find a product already on the market that met all all my needs and never finding one! I hope that if you have had the same difficulty that I did with other products, you will give SoleMates a try. Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.