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Saving Soles--Two at a Time

Hey out there in blog land. Took the week off, caught a cold, so the week was down rather then off. So we begin with one of my favorite topics, scary beauty products.The US Food and Drug administrationsays cosmetic products and ingedients are not subject to FDA approval. Continuing on it states that cosmetic firms are responsible for substantiating the safety of their products and ingredients before marketing. Yikes! Definately the wolf guarding the sheep.
There are nymerous scientific articles  that point to noxious chemical in common beauty products.Leading public health officials say there are no "safe" level of a carcinogen, yet several are still used in everyday beauty products.There is a growing use of nanoparticles in the moisturizers we use to heal cracked skin on feet and heels, and because they are microscopic, they are easily absorbed into the skin. The research on them is inconclusive, but still incredibly frightening in the concern for their potential for cancer, bioaccumulation and gene damage. There is absolutely no regulation on words like "natural", "dermatologist tested", "cruelty free" and "herbal". So if you see these claims on a package or product be aware that they may be totally false claims that have no meaning.
It is estimated that a regular person comes into contact with at least 100 different ingredients in their personal care products on a daily basis. For a consumer, it would be a totally daunting task to sort through the thousands of ingredients listed on products, also being aware that many ingredients are not listed as they are considered a "by-product" ,"contaminant", or "fragrance".
Educate youself about  "bad" products. Go back to my blog that lists them. If you can't find that particular blog, e-mail me and I will send you the list. Make a difference by refusing to buy products with known dangerous ingredients. Better yet, be proactive and write the company complaining about their use of known dangerous ingredients. The pocket book of companies being whacked makes the loudest noise.
Last but not least. SoleMates are hypoallergenic, coated with the most natural product of all, a derivitive of rubber. Nothing so fancy on our label of "ingredients", that you can't recognize them on sight! We "save soles", by making sure we don't hurt any other part of the body or the environment!