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Who Benefits?

If any of the following apply to you, you might benefit from SoleMates:

  • Do you stand for prolonged periods of time?
    • pressure on your heels can bulge, spread, or worsen cracks
  • Are you elderly?
    • skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity with age
  • Are you overweight?
    • pressure on your heels can cause cracking
  • Do you have diabetes?
    • circulatory issues can lead to xerosis (dryness) of the feet
  • Do you have a thyroid condition?
    • lower metabolic rates reduce sweating and increase xerosis
  • Are you a Baby Boomer?
    • Your skin may not be as soft and flexible as it once was
  • Has a doctor recommended Lamisil or similar medications?
    • SoleMates will help keep the crème on your foot
  • Do you travel?
    • Nitrile coating is perfect for wearing on long plane flights and in hotel rooms