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What our customers are saying about SoleMates:

Sole Mates are an amazing, unique and EFFECTIVE product that truly remedies dry, scaly, cracked heels!!!

This is NOT a gimmick. These socks WORK. I have seen a HUGE improvement in my feet after using them just six times. My heels are soft and the awful, scaly skin is nearly gone. After years of struggle, I'm entering the world of "normal" feet!!

The key is the thin, rubber-like material on the heel and bottom of these soft, high quality socks. The "rubberized" portion molds to your foot comfortably and occludes the heel, sole, and about one-half inch up the sides of the foot and toes.  You simply apply your lotion (I use one with lactic acid), put on the socks, and wear them for six hours or so each day.
The rubber material keeps the lotion moist, but your feet don't feel clammy or restricted. I actually wear them at night and they don't bug me. They're still on in the morning!

I used to buy cheap socks and wear them over my lotion, but they would get gummed up and feel yucky so I'd take them off during the night, or avoid using them. But not these. I look forward to putting them on because I know they will just make my feet look and feel better and better.

Jenny in Portland, Oregon


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"My feet were cracked and peeling.  I started wearing the socks on this day.  I used a pumice stone on my feet, washed them, dried them really good.  Put lotion on my feet and put socks on.  I usually wore the socks almost 6 hours a day in the evening.  Within a week's time I noticed a big difference.  My feet and toes weren't peeling and my heels weren't cracked anymore.

"I have done this same procedure for a month now and feet, heels, and toes are smooth, soft and no cracks on them.  The socks wash up very well and keep their shape.  I would recommend the socks to anyone who has dried and cracked heels and rough feet.  I will continue to use the socks I love my new feet."



"My feet and toes were cracked, dry, flaky and rough -- 

"Have worn the lighter socks to bed, at first using a file then lotion and slipping on the socks and wearing them to bed-- my feet felt the next morning smooth and silky, plus my feet are cold and slipping the socks on at night help warm my toes and feet as well as making them soft and smooth -- I love the socks.  Plus now I wear the heavier socks around the house during the day."